Orillia Public Library has got lots of books, DVDs and programs available to help you with your homework. However, when you cannot make it into the library, here are some places that will help you find the information from your computer!

        TumblebookCloud Jr.

       Tumble Book Cloud Logo      

  • TumbleBookCloud Junior is a collection of ebooks and read-along chapter books, graphic novels, educational videos and audio books.
  •  Perfect for kids in grade two to six!
  • Books for middle and high school students, including classics, poetry, short stories, audio books, graphic novels and educational videos from National Geographic.


     Novelist Kindergarten to grade eight                  PebbleGo
  •  A great website for Kindergarten to Grade 8
  • Find information about books, and authors
  •  A great website for preschool to Grage 3
  • Find cool reading and research tools
  • Award winning website!
      Tumble Books Library     Go to Audio Book Cloud
  •  Find online books of your favorite stories
  • Play games and listen to books
  •  Find great audio books online
  • Listen to your favorite books!
      World Book Kids         
  •  A great interactive encyclopedia
  • Find information, play games, and lots of learning activities!
 Go to Kids Search database Go to Searchasaurus database
  • Kids Search: Designed for students from grades 4 to 8, it features an encyclopedia; online dictionary; encyclopedia of animals; and all maps, photographs, and full-text articles will prove incredibly useful when researching for homework and school projects.
  • Searchasaurus: A simple and graphic online reference tool for children from kindergarten to grade 3. Features an elementary level general encyclopedia; online dictionary; encyclopedia of animals; and access to a wealth of maps, photographs, and full-text articles.